Kids Sense Savings Account


We believe it's never too early to acquire a "savings habit," so we have designed a savings club just for kids who are 12 and younger. Our new Kids Sense Club features our mascot "Johnny" who encourages kids to save for the future.

Current Basic Savings customers who are up to age 12 are automatically enrolled in the Kids Sense Club. Kid Sense members receive a $5.00 gift coupon on their birthday which can be deposited in their Apple River State Bank savings account. Kids Sense members also receive a special savings bank book and invitations to various activities throughout the year, including Pool Party’s, Bowling Party's, Movie Trips and more…

Start your kids on the path to financial success with a Kids Sense savings account from Apple River State Bank. It gives kids 12 and younger the opportunity to save money while learning to make deposits and withdrawals.

Kids Sense savings account details:

  • Designed for children 12 and younger
  • Complimentary $5.00 Birthday Gift Coupon for Deposit
  • Eligible for Kids Sense Activities
  • No monthly service fees

Plus, parents can link their kid's savings accounts to their primary account, giving them the ability to monitor all accounts using one online or mobile banking login.

Give your kids a financial head start!

Open a Kids Sense savings account for your kids today, at your nearest Apple River State Bank branch, or over the phone at 1-815-777-6300.

Apple River State Bank does not collect or use personal information from children under 13.

For more information about the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), visit the FTC website and type COPPA in the search box.

Frequently asked questions for Kids Sense Savings Accounts

What is a Kids Sense savings account?

This savings account is designed for kids who are 12 and younger and helps them learn to manage their money as they grow.


When should I start a savings account for my child?

You can open a kids savings account for your child at any age. Once your child is old enough, they can take ownership of the savings account with your support. Our Kids Sense savings accounts are designed for kids who are 12 years old and younger.

What is the best savings account for kids?

A Kids Sense savings account is the best savings account for kids. These savings accounts typically have low minimum balances, low or no service fees, joint ownership (parent and child), and a transfer of ownership. A good interest rate and perks like a Free ATM card are also available.

How do you open a savings account for a child?

Opening a Kids Sense savings account is simple. Visit your nearest branch with a form of identification for your child, like their birth certificate, Social Security card, or school photo ID. A Social Security Number or Taxpayer Identification Number for the Kids Sense is required. A form of ID for the joint account holder is also required. The parent or guardian should be prepared to sign any legal documents on behalf of the child. Once the account has been set up, the account details will be available to you online or through Online Banking or our Mobile App.

Should I start a savings account for my child?

There are many benefits to opening a savings account for your child, such as helping them learn:

  • Financial responsibility
  • The value of money 
  • Basic math skills
  • How to save and stay focused on goals

Can I access the money in my child’s bank account?

Yes, you are able to make withdrawals or deposits to your child’s account to help them reach their savings goals.